Quick Linux Post: CLI SysAdmin Tools


Linux CLI SysAdmin Tools.

Here is just a really short post regarding a collection of CLI SysAdmin tools.

These tools definitely warrant a page in their own right, but I just don’t have the time at the moment.

(And I just wanted to get them down before I forgot them)

I will be expanding this topic at some point (probably in a separate page), but until then, this will have to do!



Shows system processes in real-time

Displays a dynamic list of processes which (by default) updates every few seconds, and

Focuses on the most CPU-intensive processes

top z

Top enables several commonly used ‘hot keys’ which serve various handy purposes, some of these are:

q – quits the application

z – toggles colour/monochrome

t – toggles summary info

m – toggles memory info

space – refresh display

A – toggles display by categorising processes into groups based on various system resources

f – enters an interactive configuration menu for ‘top’ field management (ESC to return to top display)

r – allows ‘renice’ command to be applied to a particular process via its PID

k – allows ‘kill’ command to be applied to a particular process via its PID



Displays who is currently online / logged into the system

Can provide information regarding what they are doing

Variation can include:

w username


w matt

as examples




Displays a static process tree within the terminal



more to follow………………………..

Customise the command line.

An old post by the creator of Life Hacker, Gina Trapani, regarding customisation of the command line.

I like to refer to it every now and then for inspiration (as a novice Linux practitioner).

I haven’t got the time for it specifically tonight, but I definitely would love to play around with Terminal/CLI customisation and post the artwork up here.

The link to the article by Gina is here, but until you get there, here is something to whet your appetite…

The source of the image below, and another great Life Hacker article is here (The Top 10 Command Line Tools)….

One of the more creative CLI customisation!
One of the more creative CLI customisation!