Quick Linux Post: CLI SysAdmin Tools


Linux CLI SysAdmin Tools.

Here is just a really short post regarding a collection of CLI SysAdmin tools.

These tools definitely warrant a page in their own right, but I just don’t have the time at the moment.

(And I just wanted to get them down before I forgot them)

I will be expanding this topic at some point (probably in a separate page), but until then, this will have to do!



Shows system processes in real-time

Displays a dynamic list of processes which (by default) updates every few seconds, and

Focuses on the most CPU-intensive processes

top z

Top enables several commonly used ‘hot keys’ which serve various handy purposes, some of these are:

q – quits the application

z – toggles colour/monochrome

t – toggles summary info

m – toggles memory info

space – refresh display

A – toggles display by categorising processes into groups based on various system resources

f – enters an interactive configuration menu for ‘top’ field management (ESC to return to top display)

r – allows ‘renice’ command to be applied to a particular process via its PID

k – allows ‘kill’ command to be applied to a particular process via its PID



Displays who is currently online / logged into the system

Can provide information regarding what they are doing

Variation can include:

w username


w matt

as examples




Displays a static process tree within the terminal



more to follow………………………..