Debian 8 – Jessie (Vanilla – DVD 64-bit)

To Do List:

Once installed and booted:

  • Change the installation source from the DVD to official Debian mirrors.
    • Open Terminal and edit /etc/apt/sources.list

nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Providing that an appropriate mirror was selected during the installation, then all that needs doing is to hash-out the line in sources that refers to the DVD media.

Once the DVD line is hashed-out / commented-out, save the file and exit.

apt-get update
  • Install sudo
    • Open Terminal (if not already) and become root
    • Install sudo from Debian repos / mirror repos
apt-get install sudo
  • Add user to list of authorised “sudoers”
    • Become root if not already
    • Add user to sudo group (substitute “user1” below with your user’s profile name)
    • Log user out of session or reboot computer
    • Log in as newly added sudo user
    • Open terminal and test sudo commands as user
adduser user1 sudo

Reboot / Logout

shutdown -r now